fifty favorite fictional characters
↳ 4. Dr. Perry Cox (Scrubs)

I suppose I could riff a list of things that I care as little about as our last week together. Lemme see, uh, low-carb diets. Michael Moore. The Republican National Convention. Kabbalah and all Kabbalah-related products. Hi-def TV, the Bush daughters, wireless hot spots, The O.C., the U.N., recycling, getting Punk’d, Danny Gans, the Latin Grammys, the real Grammys. Jeff, that Wiggle who sleeps too darn much, The Yankees payroll, all the red states, all the blue states, every hybrid car, every talk show host, everything on the planet, everything in the solar system, everything everything everything everything everything that exists — past, present and future, in all discovered and undiscovered dimensions. Oh, and Hugh Jackman.


kumagawa replied to your post:
what happened dorkus

Some asshole submitted my name to some rper burn book, and I’m just so tired of people being rude to me. I’m tired of so many things. I just don’t know if it’s worth it anymore on Rinoa

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Annnddd that’s the tip of the iceberg. Someone submitted my rinoa blog to that rper burn book. Yeah, thanks bro.


Girl Meets World is hitting home. Please watch this.



   Booted feet continued forward as her thoughts became jumbled. Life had turned upside down ever since she had arrived in this town; usually she could predict where her life was going, or what she was going to do, or what was going to happen. 

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really tempted to get those rinoa angel wing tattoos for my birthday—i would need someone to go with me though. i’m too scared